Top 9 Tourists Attractions In Belgium

Belgium is a small country located in Western Europe, but it is home to some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the world. From breathtaking castles and cathedrals to impressive monuments and parks, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Grand Place: Located in Brussels, the Grand Place is considered one of the finest squares in all of Europe. It has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and features beautiful guild houses, stunning architecture, and an array of bars and restaurants that offer fantastic Belgian food and beer. Grand Place is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Belgium.

2. Antwerp Central Station: This magnificent building was built between 1895 and 1905 by architect Louis Delacenserie. The main hall features grand ceilings with stained-glass windows, marble sculptures, ornate chandeliers, and statues depicting important figures from Belgium’s history. In 2010, this magnificent building was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

3. Bruges Old Town: Bruges Old Town has many well-preserved medieval buildings that make walking through it like stepping back into time. There are several artistic masterpieces housed here such as Michelangelo’s exquisite Madonna with Child sculpture at Our Lady’s Church, which is definitely worth a visit! Other points of interest include historic markers related to Bruges’ cultural history including a statue dedicated to Jan Breydel who fought against French troops during the Battle of Zuidhoek in 1382.

4. Atomium: With its futuristic design reminiscent of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times over its original size, this iconic monument constructed for Expo 58 still stands proud as one of Belgium’s most recognizable landmarks today! It consists of nine spheres connected by twenty tube-shaped pylons that reach up to 102 meters high – making it one of the tallest structures in Brussels! Inside each sphere are exhibition rooms showcasing various aspects about Belgium’s culture and history including a few interactive displays too!

5. Ardennes Forest: This 19000 km² forested area covering parts of France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium offers plenty for outdoor enthusiasts; kayaking down rivers surrounded by lush greenery or mountain biking across meadows will certainly be exhilarating experiences! While nature lovers can explore hidden waterfalls or take stunning photographs – campers can choose from dozens campsites where they can set up their tents for some peaceful nights under starry skies!

6. Royal Palace Of Laeken: Built between 1782 – 1784 upon orders from Emperor Joseph II and restored by King Leopold II between 1880 – 1883 this Neo-Classical style palace served as residence for the Belgian Royal family before moving out to The Royal Castle Of Laeken which was consecrated on June 1st 2013 after being redesigned according to plans created by King Leopold II himself! This monumental site also houses picturesque gardens designed according to English landscape principles giving visitors plenty reasons why they should visit it too!

7. Mini-Europe: Take a tour around 35 European countries within just one day at Mini-Europe – an amusement park situated next to Atomium which covers 80 hectares featuring 400 models made with exact precision on scale 1/25th ! It’s educational yet entertaining experience especially when tourists get up close with replicas such as Eiffel Tower or Big Ben – then add fun activities such as 4D rides around Switzerland or virtual reality flight above Mount Etna – makes this place perfect if you’re looking for unique sightseeing opportunities!

8. Koekelberg Basilica: Completed between 1905 – 1969 this largest Art Deco style church in Europe rises amongst other impressive buildings located at Koekelberg hill within Brussels offering majestic view over entire city from its 75 meter tall tower topped with golden statue depicting Archangel Michael slaying dragon symbolizing evil forces; great combination between decorative mosaics depicting scenes from bible interspersed along walls & columns plus towers decorated using traditional Doric order makes visiting this cathedral really worthwhile experience especially during Easter when crowds arrive here light candles & listen choir singing mesmerizing melodies thus creating magical atmosphere throughout entire place !

9. Grote Markt (Great Market): Centrally located within historical Patershol district within Ghent city center lies Grote Markt – picturesque public square framed by luxurious buildings featuring intricate facade details characteristic from both Gothic & Renaissance styles along nicely adorned arcades closing off space thus creating inviting atmosphere sure enough draw attention anyone exploring this amazing collection monuments spread over area measuring roughly 100 meters long by 50 meters wide! During Summer months vibrant flower stalls dot entire space luring passersby admire colorful blooms while sipping coffee nearby cafe or simply sit relax chair enjoying pleasant scents !

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